This headline about Ivanka Trump is not only deranged; it’s also totally fake

This headline about Ivanka Trump is not only deranged; it’s also totally fake

[Ed. – Warning: Very graphic language with extreme obscenities]

It’s real news, but a fake headline. How did it happen?

An offensive headline claiming that President Donald Trump did unspeakable things to his daughter Ivanka appears to be published by Yahoo Finance, is being shared on Facebook.

“Donald Trump f*cked his daughter in the ass while firing a gun and screaming the n-word,” the headline reads. The post looks exactly like it came from Yahoo Finance, leading one individual to wonder if an editor somewhere has lost his job.

The actual link goes to the Yahoo Finance website, where the headline is “What Donald Trump taught his daughter Ivanka about being an inspiring leader.” The article, which first appeared on Business Insider in March 2016, makes no mention of Donald Trump doing anything to his daughter other than teaching her “a tremendous amount about how to be an inspiring leader.”

The changed headline appears to originate with a meme Facebook Page listed as a “public figure.” The page posted the fake headline on March 21, 2016, the same day the article appeared on Yahoo Finance. It wasn’t shared by many people, and disappeared until Friday afternoon. The post has since been deleted….

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