Canada: Police complaint filed against imam who called for Jews to be killed

Canada: Police complaint filed against imam who called for Jews to be killed
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[Ed. – This guy was reported a few days ago.  The question now is how the Canadian authorities are supposed to deal with it, given the country’s new law compelling the government to “condemn Islamophobia and all forms of systemic racism and religious discrimination.”  This may seem like an easy one, but the truth is, law can’t handle this problem.  At what point do government officials have to take a public stand on the content of sermons, in order to criticize or sanction Muslim clerics in ONLY “non-Islamophobic” ways?  And can the intellectual and religious freedom of others hold up under that process of elimination?]

A Montreal mosque is facing a police complaint and rebukes from the larger Muslim community after a video of an imam delivering a sermon in which he asks for Jews to be killed surfaced online.

The sermon took place at the Dar Al-Arqam Mosque in the city’s Saint-Michel neighbourhood on Dec. 23, 2016.

The video was posted to the mosque’s YouTube channel three days later. The imam in the video is Jordanian cleric Sheikh Muhammad bin Musa Al Nasr — he was reportedly an invited guest of the mosque.

In the video, the imam recites in Arabic the verse: “O Muslim, O servant of Allah, O Muslim, O servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.” …

The president of the Muslim Council of Montreal, Salam Elmenyawi, wants to know why the imam was invited. He says the mosque should apologize.

He added that the Dar Al-Arqam Mosque is not one of the more than 40 institutions the council represents.

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