Ohio suspect mounts ‘Islamophobia’ defense in double homicide

Ohio suspect mounts ‘Islamophobia’ defense in double homicide
Nasser Hamad, homicide suspect and Islamophobia victim. (Image via WFMJ Youngstown)

[Ed. – It appears this guy actually lured the victims to his home in order to escalate an argument with them and kill them.  Unreal.  He killed two and injured three in his attack on them.  Emphasis in original.]

An ongoing domestic dispute fueled by Facebook threats from an accused killer led to an ambush by Nasser Hamad. This resulted in the shooting deaths of two victims and the wounding of three others…

Now Hamad has attacked the victims in court, saying that they were a “terroristic group set firmly against Hamad because he was an Arab and a Muslim”:

The killings occurred on February 25 outside Hamad’s home in Warren, Ohio. He fired into the van occupied by the victims. There is no indication the victims had a weapon of any type…

During the bond hearing, he asked an assistant prosecutor if he was a “Zionist Jew.”

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