Navy commanders: Iran jeopardizing international waterways

Navy commanders: Iran jeopardizing international waterways
An Iranian attack craft swarm from a recent naval exercise. (Image via

[Ed. – They’re right.  And it’s good that this is coming out from the horse’s mouth now.]

On Tuesday, the aircraft carrier USS George W. Bush entered the Strait of Hormuz from the Indian Ocean, a vital waterway that handles about 30 percent of the world’s oil shipping. As it has done so often over the past few years, Iran sent a swarm of speedboats to harass the carrier.

“What reason were they to be in an international corridor, other than to harass us? Was today the day they were going to come out and potentially deploy kinetic actions against us?” asked Rear Admiral Kenneth Whitesell, commander of Carrier Strike Group 2, as reported by Japan Times.

Captain Will Pennington of the George W. Bush said the U.S. Navy changed its security procedures after a Saudi ship was attacked off the coast of Yemen by what some describe as a “drone” boat, roughly comparable in size to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps patrol boats. …

“The number one thing that bothers me is they [the Iranian vessels] had their weapons uncovered. The second thing that bothers me is that they had their weapons manned. And the third thing… is they were loading their weapons while they were rendezvousing us and they were coming right after us,” The National quotes Whitesell saying.

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