Bull rams 11-inch horn up matador’s butt during bout

Bull rams 11-inch horn up matador’s butt during bout
Image: Axel Alvarez/Shutterstock

[Ed. – Ouch!]

A matador in Mexico City suffered “severe” injuries Monday when a bull gored its 11-inch horn up his behind.

The horrifying moment, which was caught on tape, occurred seconds after the bullfighter, Antonio Romero, seemingly had the beast under control.

But moments after the matador uses a red cloth, known as a muleta, to try and get the bull to pivot around him, the animal seems to lose it.

Romero falls to the ground once the bull makes contact with his arm and does not have time to brace for the second attack.

He is helpless as the bull lowers its head and rams one of its nearly foot-long horns into his backside.

After the animal dug its horn into Romero, other bullfighters at the event ran into the ring to get the situation under control.

Romero was rushed to a nearby hospital for injuries to his rectal area.

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