Gorsuch is a test for democrats in the Trump era

Gorsuch is a test for democrats in the Trump era
Out there. (Image: Politico, Rod Lamkey, Jr.)

Unlike the Republicans of 1993 and 2009, the Democrats of 2017 have valid reasons to question Trump’s legitimacy. From the mounting evidence of Russian interference, to FBI Director Comey’s late-stage intervention that experts say cost Hillary the presidency, Trump lacks any mandate, let alone one for radical change. Democrats won the majority of votes cast in November, and here’s the funny thing—contrary to my expectations, they’re acting like it.

Moving forward, we can’t let up. Democrats must keep working to keep Trump unpopular for the midterms, slow down his nefarious agenda and check his authoritarian instincts. But rather than fabricating scandals like Republicans did with Whitewater or conspiracy theories like “birtherism,” Democrats will keep Trump unpopular by educating voters about his broken promises, flagrant constitutional violations and troubling ties to a hostile foreign power.

Democrats must maintain the discipline and tenacity that has been so surprising these past few months. Denying Neil Gorsuch the Supreme Court seat that Republicans stole from Merrick Garland is the best way yet for Democrats to prove their newfound mettle.

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