Erdogan looks to ‘review ties’ with Europe after his April referendum

Erdogan looks to ‘review ties’ with Europe after his April referendum

[Ed. – We ought to be calling this vote the “Caliph referendum.”  It will basically gut the last vestiges of checks/balances and separation of powers in Turkey, vesting all effective national powers in Erdogan.  It would be bad enough if Erdogan envisioned being a modern sultan.  But it’s really a caliphate he has in mind.  And it’s the black war flag — ar-raya — he’ll break out first.]

It’s been something of an article of faith on the international relations front that Europe would have at least some measure of influence over Turkey because of their long stated desire to join the European Union. But as events continue to unfold surrounding the upcoming Turkish referendum which would give nearly limitless executive power to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, that assumption seems to be proving incorrect. This week the aspiring tyrant announced that, following the referendum, he would probably need to “review” his country’s relationship with Europe. (Reuters)

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday said after an April referendum Turkey may review relations with Europe, which he described as ‘fascist and cruel’ and resembling that of the pre-World War Two era.

Turkey and Europe are at loggerheads with Ankara accusing some European countries such as Germany and the Netherlands of applying what it says are ‘Nazi methods’ by banning the rallies of Turkish ministers among expatriate Turks ahead of a key vote that could give Erdogan greater powers.

Part of this can be chalked up to Erdogan’s desire to maximize votes in his favor in the referendum. Turkish ex-pats in several European countries are allowed to vote in the referendum, so the president’s surrogates have been attempting to campaign in places like Germany and the Netherlands.

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