DHS issues first summary of ‘sanctuary cities’ and releases of criminal aliens

DHS issues first summary of ‘sanctuary cities’ and releases of criminal aliens
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[Ed. – The PDF file linked in the first paragraph has the chapter and verse.]

The Department of Homeland Security on Monday issued its first ‘detainer’ report, identifying sanctuary cities where local police have released illegal immigrants despite requests by federal authorities to detain them.

The report lists 118 law enforcement agencies that refused to cooperate with federal authorities.

The new report by the Department of Homeland Security says that during one week this year, it learned of 206 people released from local jails despite “detainer” requests. In these cases, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency asks local police to hold illegal immigrants for up to 48 hours, long enough for ICE officers to pick them up and put them into deportation proceedings. …


More than half of the 206 cases listed are from Travis County, Texas, where the sheriff said ICE requests would not be honored because the county’s jail “cannot be perceived as a holding tank for ICE.”

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who’s seeking legislation that cuts off state funding grants to cities, counties, and college campuses that block officers from enforcing federal immigration laws, took note of DHS’s report.

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