Yeesh: Just 43% can name a single justice on the Supreme Court

Yeesh: Just 43% can name a single justice on the Supreme Court
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An hors d’oeuvre from C-SPAN to whet your appetite for tomorrow’s Gorsuch hearing. On the one hand, 43 percent may well reflect a relatively high degree of public awareness compared to most of American history. (The number was slightly higher in 2015, likely due to a small percentage being able to name Scalia back then as a current member of the Court.) How many working-class people, with little time or money to devote to a daily newspaper, would have had regular access to Court news in the days before TV, especially before 24/7 cable news TV and the Internet?

On the other hand, every member of the current Court has been there at least six years. Six of the current eight have been there more than 10 years. There have been several splashy landmark rulings in recent memory, starting with the Court upholding ObamaCare and striking down state gay-marriage bans coast to coast. You would think, given all of that, we could crack 50 percent awareness at this point….

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