Feminist: Acknowledging ‘white privilege’ reinforces white privilege

Feminist: Acknowledging ‘white privilege’ reinforces white privilege

[Ed. – Perfect.  No doubt dying to atone for white privilege just reinforces it too.  As an original sin, it’s inexpiable.  Shakedown leverage its exploiters will never let go of.]

Admitting to white privilege actually builds up white privilege, a graduate student suggests in a scholarly article published in “Feminist Philosophy Quarterly.”

In the article, “Unhappy Confessions: The Temptation of Admitting to White Privilege,” author Claire Lockard argues that confessions of white privilege or racism are “pleasurable to enact but ultimately reinforce white people’s feelings of goodness and allow them to avoid addressing this racism.” …

In the “Unhappy Confessions” article, published last fall, Lockard — who is white — makes the case that admissions of white privilege are an ineffective way to combat racism that essentially allow white people to pat themselves on the back about their anti-racist efforts without actually undertaking any anti-racist actions.

Noting that confessions of white privilege are difficult to muster up, Lockard writes they can make white people feel as if they’ve “already done the hardest part of anti-racism” by admitting their privilege.

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