Trump appeals Maryland judge’s block on new immigration order

Trump appeals Maryland judge’s block on new immigration order
Here they come. (Image via Breitbart)

[Ed. – If you weren’t sure the U.S. judicial system was pervasively corrupted, you can be now.  Assuming Trump gets the right answer out of the 4th District Court of Appeals, he will be fully justified in ignoring the Hawaiian judge’s order and keeping his immigration order in effect.  The course of events has demonstrated that now.  Neither the Maryland nor the Hawaii judge ruled based on the ACTUAL CONTENT of the immigration order.  Both of them ruled based on an invalid, obfuscationist political reaction to it.  They ruled as if it’s about “religion” — but it isn’t, and the letter of the order makes that crystal clear.  Both judges’ rulings are simply terrible, as jurisprudence.]

The Justice Department formally appealed a Maryland judge’s decision this week that blocked the implementation of President Donald Trump’s revised executive order barring U.S. entry for people from six Muslim-majority countries.

The appeal on Friday kicks off a new phase in litigation over whether Mr. Trump’s latest travel restrictions improperly target people based on their religion. The president says the restrictions are necessary to protect the country from terrorism.

Judges in Hawaii and Maryland, in rulings issued only hours apart this week, said Mr. Trump appeared to have been motivated by improper religious animus.

Among other things, the judges cited past statements in which Mr. Trump as a presidential candidate voiced support for a “Muslim ban.”

The rulings weren’t final decisions on the legality of Mr. Trump’s revised executive order, signed on March 6. Instead, courts so far have been considering whether the travel restrictions should be placed on hold while the litigation continues.

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