Freedom is eating steak well done with ketchup

Freedom is eating steak well done with ketchup
Image: YouTube screen grab via Live Leak

[Ed. – The media bias that led journalists to ignore Barack Obama’s many failings remains. But now it is operating in reverse, to amplify and invent mistakes of Obama’s replacement.]

There really was a liberal media bubble, Nate Silver reports, and the only thing wrong with his assertion is that it’s in the past tense….

The remarkable thing is the bubble did not pop or even tremble after the election was over and the unthinkable had occurred. Instead it hardened into a shell, an impenetrable dome…. We moved effortlessly from a world in which Brexit would not happen and Donald Trump could not win to a world in which Putin colluded with Trump’s henchmen to influence the election and the Trump presidency was on life support after only 50 days. The hysteria and mob-like denunciations that greet every utterance of this president, each step taken by his team, have become routine. What has been normalized in these first two months is not Trump but the paranoid bad faith imputed to him.

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