Charitable Americans make huge surge in donations, volunteering for Meals on Wheels

Charitable Americans make huge surge in donations, volunteering for Meals on Wheels

[Ed. – Ah, the power of fake news.  Trump’s budget won’t have the slightest effect on Meals on Wheels.  But Americans prove promptly that they are better than the news media, AND better than the media think Americans are.]

American charity surged on Thursday, as citizens took it upon themselves, rather than the government, to support the Meals on Wheels program amid concerns the Republican health care bill might cut federal funding.

Financial donations skyrocketed to 50 times their normal level, and the number of volunteers quintupled, a spokesperson for the Meals on Wheels program told Friday.

Meals on Wheels America Vice President of Communications Jenny Bertolette told

“We received 50 times the normal amount of online donations yesterday.

“To clarify, this is to Meals on Wheels America to support our national efforts. Local programs fundraise individually and we can assume that there was likely a groundswell of local support, as well.

“We also know that we saw an almost 500% jump in volunteer sign ups through our Ad Council website.”

Senator Tom Carper (D-Delaware) was one such volunteer delivering Meals on Wheels Friday, though he used Twitter to turn his charitable deed into a photo op…

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