Forget Trump Tower; stolen Secret Service laptop had Hillary investigation info on it

Forget Trump Tower; stolen Secret Service laptop had Hillary investigation info on it

[Ed. – Thank goodness for websites like Conservative Treehouse, where they’ve got the stomach to wade past the smoke and mirrors in MSM coverage.  Check it out at the NY Daily News story; everything sundance cites is there.  (And if you know NYDN, they’re leftist and in lockstep with all MSM meme-N-themery.  Not a hotbed of anti-Hillary coverage.)]

Everyone should try to skip the shiny things embedded within the story of a laptop theft from a Secret Service Agent Marie Argentieri.   The theft appears to have nothing to do with Trump Tower or Trump Tower floor plans.  The theft appears to have everything to do with Argentieri as a supportive investigator for Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Evidence of the specific targeting is transparent within the eye witness stories that a car pulled up, a passenger exited the vehicle – went directly to Agent Argentieri’s vehicle, broke in, took the back pack and walked away quickly.

The thief knew exactly what they were looking for, this wasn’t a random heist of convenience.

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[From NYDN] The thief stepped out of a dark-colored car, possibly an Uber, and stole the laptop from Argentieri’s vehicle, a 2015 Bajaj, which was parked in the driveway of her Bath Beach home, sources said. Neighbors said the thief struck about 3 a.m. …

The crook, a man dressed in black, didn’t get back in the car. He was seen on surveillance video walking away from the scene with a backpack holding the laptop, sources said. …

Another neighbor, Mike Mignuolo, 73, believes, based on the video police showed him, that the suspect moved quickly and with a purpose.

“It showed somebody running to the car and running back out,” he said. “They knew what they were doing, absolutely. They knew what they were hitting.” …

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