‘Beauty and the Beast’: Confirmed – P.C. turns everything it touches to dross

‘Beauty and the Beast’: Confirmed – P.C. turns everything it touches to dross
(Image: Disney trailer, YouTube)

This new version — with its feminist Belle (Emma Watson), a crude, chauvinist-male Beast (Dan Stevens), and a “diverse” underclass of servants and objects-come-to-life (performed by Josh Gad, Audra McDonald, Emma Thompson, Ewan McGregor) — is a fairy tale that confuses liberal social engineering with “magic.”

Viewers — particularly parents — who cannot discern the difference between entertainment and propaganda may have already been duped by Disney’s long-standing entertainment hegemony. It’s a mistake to think that such propaganda is innocent storytelling. This Millennial Beauty and the Beast becomes grim progressive silliness when it erases basic gender distinctions and politicizes the background and experience of the commoner Belle and the aristocratic Beast. It’s a blockbuster touting specious lessons in Occupy logic and “tolerance.” …

The current version, clunkily directed by Bill Condon (who ruined both Dreamgirls and the Twilight vampire-romance series) prides itself on PC Broadway inanity and cynicism. Condon choreographs the cartoon’s songs, carrying on the movie-musical ineptitude of Disney’s Into the Woods. It’s “modern” to a fault. This unbeautiful Beauty and the Beast (full of special-effects as annoying as the cartoon version’s fake splendor) can only distinguish itself by being as oppositional as a Broadway show. Belle’s sexual politics and an unnecessary gay subplot involving the villain Gaston (Luke Evans) and LeFou (Gad’s servant character) are part of Disney’s effort to replace traditional notions about love, family, community, and sex with fashionable ideology about gendered love.

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