Left trots out debunked ‘crypto-Nazi’ allegation against Sebastian Gorka for a second time

Left trots out debunked ‘crypto-Nazi’ allegation against Sebastian Gorka for a second time
Sebastian Gorka. (Image: Screen grab of Heritage/YouTube video via Breitbart)

[Ed. – Apparently mid-month is the appointed time to run this smear against Gorka.  It surfaced on 12 Feb, and again this week on 14 Mar.  David Reaboi’s Feb post at PJM, outlining why Gorka is exactly the opposite of how he’s being depicted, is must-reading.]

A story alleging that Trump aide Sebastian Gorka is a “crypto-Nazi” actually made the rounds today on left-wing media and even among mainstream news outlets. The allegation is so absurd one has to wonder if the White House baited the media into looking foolish.

The Forward published the story Thursday morning, claiming that Gorka is a lifetime member of Hungarian nationalist group Vitézi Rend. The charge was based on the hearsay of two members of the group.

The Forward characterizes Vitézi Rend as “Nazi-allied”, but that is a stretch. The group, also known as the “Order of the Valiant,” began in 1920 and is recognized as an “Institution of Chivalric Character” by the International Commission on Orders of Chivalry. During World War II, many members of the group collaborated with the Nazis — but many also died fighting against Hungarian Nazis, according to some historians. …

In 1979, Vitézi Rend awarded the elder Gorka with a medal for creating an anti-Communist, pro-democracy organization at the university he attended in Hungary and Gorka has occasionally worn the medal proudly in public. …

As [Tablet’s Liel] Liebovitz noted, Pintér didn’t say that he’d witnessed Gorka’s swearing in, he merely said that he’d met the man because he was an associate of Gorka’s father Paul. Gorka told Liebovitz that the allegations are flat-out false…

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