Obama admin. spent record amount in 2016 to prevent FOIA releases

Obama admin. spent record amount in 2016 to prevent FOIA releases

[Ed. – Basically, Obama’s WAS the most transparent administration ever.  It was transparently secretive, dishonest, and dedicated to obfuscation.]

More evidence has surfaced to prove that the Obama administration was anything but “the most transparent” White House in history, as the 44th president once boasted. A new report from the Associated Press reveals that his staff spent a record $36.2 million in legal fees last year defending their decision to not comply with Freedom of Information Act requests.

The figures suggest the White House had something to hide.

Of the $36.2 million in legal costs fighting such lawsuits last year, the Justice Department accounted for $12 million, the Homeland Security Department for $6.3 million and the Pentagon for $4.8 million. The three departments accounted for more than half the government’s total records requests last year. …

Moreover, of those who did receive responses to their requests, the government provided censored documents or nothing at all 77 percent of the time.

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