CBO: GOPcare would reduce deficit by $337 billion, lower premiums by 10%

CBO: GOPcare would reduce deficit by $337 billion, lower premiums by 10%
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[Ed. – WFB calls out the CBO findings you haven’t heard, in all the noise about whether people would “lose” their Medicaid coverage.  Fact: you can’t lose Medicaid coverage.  Medicaid can cover less in the way of treatments and procedures, and the federal government can stop trying to chase you down and sign you up for it as if it’s “insurance.”  But you can’t lose it unless the program goes away entirely, which no one is proposing.  It’s not insurance, it’s welfare.  Exit point:  lowering premiums by 10% is absurdly unimpressive, given how much premiums have gone up just since 2013.  Not good enough.]

The American Health Care Act, the Republican replacement to the Affordable Care Act, is estimated to reduce the deficit by $337 billion from 2017 to 2026, according to the Congressional Budget Office’s scoring of the legislation.

During this time, the budget office also projects that spending will be reduced by $1.2 trillion and government revenues will be reduced by $0.9 trillion.

The legislation’s greatest savings come from reducing spending on Medicaid and eliminating the Affordable Care Act’s subsidies.

The budget office says that the new legislation would lower average premiums enough to attract healthy people to stabilize the market, which was one of the reasons why many insurers began to exit the Obamacare exchanges.

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