Video game ‘Borders’ exposes ‘harsh reality of illegal immigration’

Video game ‘Borders’ exposes ‘harsh reality of illegal immigration’

Whether it’s running from “la migra,” staying out of sight of the light emitted from “los moscos” hovering above, or simply staying hydrated in the dry Mexican desert, L[amar] U[niversity] drawing/ink artist Gonzalo Alvarez tells the story of his parents’ immigration to the United States through the video game, “Borders.”


Alvarez said he had the vision of creating a game about the harsh reality of immigration for a while. He was able to make this idea a reality when he went to IndieCade in New York in April.

“There I met some game designers,” he said. “Some programmers, specifically, because I’m an artist, so I know nothing about programming. That’s the thing I needed to be able to make games. I met some friends and whenever I came back to Port Arthur, I contacted them and we sat down for a seven-day game jam.”

Alvarez worked with a small group of independent developers on a project where they had seven days to create a video game. In “Borders,” one plays an Mexican immigrant in a retro arcade-like environment.

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