Obamacare’s defenders have no idea what insurance is

Obamacare’s defenders have no idea what insurance is

This shouldn’t be too hard of a question: what is the difference between insurance and “sharing”? If somebody sold you insurance on the terms these media types are endorsing, by telling you that the whole system is setup so you’re likely to pay more than everybody else and get less in return, would you buy it? Don’t be silly, that’s a rhetorical question. Of course you wouldn’t buy it, which is why Obamacare had to impose a “mandate” to force you to buy it.

But this is not what insurance is actually supposed to be. It is not a mechanism for some kind of free-form social “sharing.” I can tell we’re going to have to get really basic here, because a lot of people are really determined not to understand how a very simple thing works. So let me explain it slowly and carefully.

The point of insurance is not that healthy people pay for sick people. The point of insurance is that you pay when you are healthy in order to reduce your own financial risk when you eventually become sick.

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