Judge smacks ACLU demand to recover court fees from Kim Davis

Judge smacks ACLU demand to recover court fees from Kim Davis
(Image via ABC Action News Tampa Bay)

[Ed. – Since ACLU lost the case, this was particularly stupid on their part.]

Kim Davis, the Rowan County clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses after the Supreme Court’s Obergefell v. Hodges decision, will not have to pay the ACLU’s court fees, a federal judge ruled.

The ACLU sought the reimbursement of $231,000 in legal fees because “having to go through the expense of that litigation to secure a basic right that should not have been denied eligible couples in the first place — the ability to secure a marriage license and marry the person of their choosing,” the group argued.

But U.S. Magistrate Judge Edward Atkins denied the plaintiffs’ demand in Miller v. Davis because they did not win their case. …

In December of 2015 Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin signed an executive order creating a new marriage license that no longer required county clerks’ names. In April of 2016, the Kentucky General Assembly unanimously made Bevin’s changes to the marriage license permanent.

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