Donna Brazile acknowledges positive jobs report, thanks President who?

Donna Brazile acknowledges positive jobs report, thanks President who?
Image: YouTube screen grab (via RBC NETWORK BROADCASTING)

If blaming Bush for any negative economic news was the pattern for the left during Obama’s years in office, it seems like thanking Obama for any positive economic news will be the routine for the next four years Trump is in office.

Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the February jobs report which revealed an added 235,000 jobs along with increased hourly wages. Even more encouraging, the number of people employed or looking for work hit a record high at 160,056,000. Even the media had to acknowledge the results as exceeding expectations.

But that wasn’t enough for hardline Democrats like former CNN analyst and DNC chair Donna Brazile, who refused to give the president any credit for a positive outcome.

Brazile tweeted out Friday that this report was a pat on the back for former President Obama:

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