Muslim man slaps Asian woman, gets clock cleaned

A man identified as a Muslim got his clocked cleaned after he slapped an Asian woman at what appears to be a party or a dance club.  The incident was caught on video and uploaded to YouTube where it has been seen over two million times.

A post at PCMD Gazette says:

In the video the guy comes up to her and repeatedly grabs at her, even after she refuses to be his puppet.

She refuses to submit to his will and it angers him that she has a mind of her own.

That’s when he slapped her.

While she didn’t break loose in the preying mantis style, as you can see, there were some high flying kicks and punches landed from this well prepared female.

The lady was unavailable for comment, and of course the guy did’t want this known at all.

Worse yet, the man apparently didn’t learn his lesson the first time around and went back for more.  That’s when the woman literally mopped the floor with him.

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