Confirmed: Daylight Saving Time IS killing you

Confirmed: Daylight Saving Time IS killing you

[Ed. – Yeah, yeah.  The article says it “may be” killing you.  But sufferers from DST dysfunction know this horrible modernism is unquestionably shortening lives and increasing their misery in the bargain.  Moreover, it’s extremely doubtful that DST really saves any energy overall.  That shifted hour of sunlight (there is no such thing as an “extra” hour of sunlight) merely makes people in the southern half of the country have to run their air conditioners longer every day.  The stark reality of that calculus is why the state of Arizona doesn’t participate in DST.  Why should it be 108 degrees F outside at 10 PM instead of 9 PM?  Bottom line: it’s a Communist plot.]

Moving the clock ahead one hour this weekend for daylight saving time is saving energy for the conservation fight, but it’s also leading to more depression and heart attacks, making it hazardous to your health.

A magazine published by Duke Energy, one of the largest electric utilities in the country, included an article this week that took aim at the clock-changing law, which was updated just over a decade ago by a 2005 energy bill. It pointed out a number of adverse health effects that are a side effect of using 0.5 percent less energy per day as a result of gaining an hour of sunlight. …

[E]nergy use is not the only thing affected by the time change. Studies published over the last decade on the effects of daylight saving time have shown it interferes with natural sleep patterns, which people never truly recover from.

Studies “have found that the time change interrupts sleep cycles, causing fatigue, lack of productivity and sadness,” the article added. Even worse, medical studies showed that daylight saving time also can lead to death.

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