Stockholm sees spike in gang murders; ‘many who buy weapons get hand grenades for free’

Stockholm sees spike in gang murders; ‘many who buy weapons get hand grenades for free’
Responsible Swede trains for gun ownership. (Image via, Am. Thinker)

[Ed. – These would be the ultra-responsible Swedes who adhere strictly to the gun laws at all times?  Yeah, probably not.  I don’t think Sven the licensed gun-seller is handing out free grenades.  Somehow, astonishingly, those strict gun laws aren’t preventing illegal gun sales — or murders.]

Police in the Swedish capital Stockholm, have requested reinforcements after five murders in recent days. Police also say they can not rule out more killings, reports NRK.

Police held a press conference Thursday, after two men were found shot dead in a car outside Stockholm on Wednesday evening. Both had been shot in the head.

On Tuesday, a couple were stabbed to death, and the woman decapitated…

– The gang environment has twelve ongoing conflicts where there is a risk of homicide. We have seized a large number of Kalashnikovs, hand grenades and pistols. It is hard to see how many murders we’ve averted, but we need to increase this effort, says Task force leader Gunnar Appelgren.

Appelgren said they seized 17 Kalashnikovs during a raid at the end of last year, and that many who now buy weapons, get hand grenades for free, as part of the deal.

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