What would a Day Without Men look like?

What would a Day Without Men look like?
'The Devil's Advocate (1997)'

[Ed. – Or how about a Day Without White People?]

If men went on strike, what would America look like?

We’d all be hard-pressed to find a cop when in danger. America would be defenseless in fighting our enemies. There’d be no border police to keep evil at bay. No electricians to keep the power going. No fireman, ambulance drivers or truckers to carry our food.

No drivers of fuel trucks who fill our cars with gas. There’d be no one to work the natural gas and oil fields. No one to collect our trash.

Our train systems and commuter rails wouldn’t run. The airports would shut down.

When women go on strike, life goes on and no one gets hurt. If men went on strike, all our lives would be upended. And people would die.

Thank you, men of America. The women who aren’t marching know your value, and we thank you.

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