The women’s movement seems to be annoying lots of women

The women’s movement seems to be annoying lots of women
Ashley Judd (Image: HuffPo video screen grab)

Wednesday is looking like another tough day for the anti-Trump resistance. The people who brought you the “Women’s March on Washington” on Donald Trump’s first full day in office have organized the “Day Without a Woman.” It’s intended as a general strike to protest gender oppression. But it seems that the oppressed may be too busy to participate.

“Stupid. That’s what I first thought,” Angie Beem tells the Seattle Times. Ms. Beem helped organize a January 21 Women’s March in Seattle but is skeptical of tomorrow’s event. “What’s the purpose of a strike when you can’t afford a day to not work? Women who could possibly do this are in an executive-type position. Life will go on for them. Their career is more stable. This screamed white privilege,” says Ms. Beem.

The Times was able to find “only one local event associated with the strike: a free yoga open house at Spa Eir in Kirkland. ‘Let us be your sanctuary for the afternoon, a place to celebrate yourself,’ says a posting from the spa.” The Times adds that the spa will offer “slow flow yoga,” “yin yoga,” aromatherapy and “singing bowls.”

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