Why Trump’s ‘wiretapping’ tweets were a mistake

Why Trump’s ‘wiretapping’ tweets were a mistake

In my latest column, I write that Trump’s tweets are hurting his presidency, the latest and greatest example being his “wiretapping” tweets. Predictably, this has elicted any number of responses. Here are the four most common:

“Trump won by tweeting and being an unconventional candidate, why should he stop now?”

“You still don’t get it. Trump is controlling the news cycle like a chessmaster.”

“Oh, come on! Why are you giving Obama the benefit of the doubt? You really don’t think Obama could have done this?”

“Obama did wiretap Trump. See the New York Times from January 20!”

Now, I think all of these arguments are bad. Yes, social media helped Trump win the presidency. But campaigning for president and being president are very different things. (To support my claim, I suggest you read, well, pretty much any book ever written about a U.S. president or American politics).

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