There’s an app for that: Reuters recruiting ‘citizen journalists’

There’s an app for that: Reuters recruiting ‘citizen journalists’
Public computer

[Ed. – Aren’t there already too many of those?]

Every once in a while you come across an app that is pitched to you in one way but you can see a lot more potential another way.  This is the case (in my opinion at least) for  The unassuming app encourages people to sign up and permit others to use their video camera. You might use it to see if a store is busy, for example, based on the GPS (global positioning system).  Ultimately the user is in complete control – nothing is used or “taken over” as such.

This is pretty much what most people over the age of 35 have said to me but ask younger people and they can see the benefits.

Privacy is a swings-and-roundabout issue for most people – until you have a problem you likely don’t think about it much.  This isn’t to say privacy isn’t important but the point is, this app is not for everyone although – and this is the key – everyone could benefit from a service like it.  The key will be getting people to use it.

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