Will this person be the fall guy for Obama spying on Trump?

Will this person be the fall guy for Obama spying on Trump?

[Ed. – A lot of “ifs” we don’t have conclusions on yet.  Not real convincing, as of now, but not unrealistic either.  Also not unfair:  if unminimized phone call data was being retrieved improperly on Trump and his associates by Obama’s henchmen, Lynch would have been one of them.  That’s independent of anything James Comey may have known about.  There are people on the DOJ staff with the ability to retrieve NSA data.]

It appears to [me] that a trap has just sprung on the Democrats, and they need a fall guy.  And we just got a huge clue as to who might be in the spotlight to take one for the team when it comes to culpability for covertly listening in on the conversations of the opposition party’s presidential candidate. …

Now the investigation will include the Watergate-like probability that conversations of Trump campaign officials were being listened to and the conversations leaked to the media.  There is criminal liability to consider and the need to pin responsibility on someone.  All skillful criminals (the ones who stay out of jail for the big crimes) understand the need for a fall guy.

This brings me to something truly extraordinary: an attorney general, just weeks out of office, posted a video calling for “marching,” “blood,” and “death.”

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