‘Liberal preppers’ seem to emphasize online kvetching, images of fruits and veggies

‘Liberal preppers’ seem to emphasize online kvetching, images of fruits and veggies

[Ed. – Liz Sheld is worried that they’re not arming themselves enough for adequate protection, but I’m not so sure it matters.  Given their apparent priorities, when the stuff goes down, they won’t have anything anybody needs.]

I’ve written about this trend before: the liberal anti-Trump prepper movement. Unhappy with the results of the 2016 presidential election, a certain cohort of Americans have taken up “prepping” for fear a Trump presidency might bring about some kind of apocalypse.

Business Insider has some more information about this new and growing group of folks.

One such group started on Facebook and is called the “Liberal Prepper.” Its purpose is to “combine minds and hearts, with an emphasis on preparedness, in a time where a progressive way of life has never been more at risk of becoming taboo or altogether ostracized.” …

“There was less of a threat of a nuclear holocaust brought out by Obama,” Facebook groups founder Colin Waugh tells Business Insider. “There’s a leap into fear now that Trump is in power.”

Waugh started prepping by “stockpiling protein bars, rice, peanut butter, first-aid supplies, batteries, toilet paper, cat food, trash bags, medical handbooks, and as many canned goods as they could fit in the pantry of their one-bedroom apartment.”

Others in his group have taken similar steps:

There are photos of vegetables stored in mason jars; tutorials for homemade gardens, canoes, and bunkers; information about medical kits; a few liberal memes; numerous news articles; and links to off-grid gadgets like pedal-powered laundry machines.

Some are planning to spend their income-tax refunds on supplies.

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