Five takeaways from Trump’s new travel ban

Five takeaways from Trump’s new travel ban
Image: MRCTV video screen grab

Court ruling served as playbook

It’s clear that the Trump administration used a ruling from a federal appeals court as a playbook for reviving the order.

States challenging the original ban argued that their residents were directly harmed because families were being separated, green-card holders were stranded abroad and foreign scholars and students with valid visas in the U.S. were afraid to leave the country.


The White House learned from its mistakes

The White House has learned its lesson from the first messy rollout, which ignited dozens of legal challenges and sparked chaos at airports across the country.

Key officials and GOP lawmakers were reportedly not briefed before the original ban took effect, while some travelers en route to the U.S. were detained at airports amid confusion over whom the policy applied to.


The original travel ban is dead

The new order revokes the original travel ban, effectively killing that policy.


Question over terrorism threat is still key

One of the chief complaints from the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals was that the administration failed to prove that the nations listed in the original ban posed a heightened risk of terrorism.

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