Can we please be really truly done with Hillary?

Can we please be really truly done with Hillary?
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Though it’s been three months since Donald Trump won the presidential election, it’s not unusual to see handmade “I’m still with her” signs displayed in windows of multimillion-dollar brownstones in Park Slope, “H” arrow buttons (the Clinton campaign logo) on lapels around major cities and Hillary Clinton’s campaign avatar used in social-media profile pictures.

Please, just let it go.

It’s not only the left I’m speaking to here. At CPAC, the yearly conservative conference in Washington, DC, several attendees were still wearing “Hillary for Prison” shirts and the “Sheriff Clarke for Senate” booth had a picture of a Hillary Clinton bobblehead doll in prison stripes.

Why does Hillary Clinton continue to so capture the public imagination? Were there Republicans who couldn’t let go of John McCain or Mitt Romney after their respective losses?

Or Democrats who still viewed them as a threat? Hillary is different, for many reasons, but it’s long past time we let go of her — and the Clinton family in general — and that she lets us.

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