Sessions: DOJ probing 300 refugees for potential terror ties

Sessions: DOJ probing 300 refugees for potential terror ties
Here they come. (Image via Breitbart)

Remember when the outgoing administration insisted that the existing refugee vetting system provided enough security for Americans to support a larger number of entries? According to Reuters’ sources on Capitol Hill, that may depend on the scope of security one expects. Of a thousand targets of active FBI counterterrorism probes, three hundred involve refugees…

So far, there aren’t any more details forthcoming on these cases, and … there’s not likely to be, either. The FBI doesn’t usually comment on ongoing investigations (insert laugh track here), and particularly not when they are tracking potential terror sympathizers and/or recruits. …

[T]he scale does show that admitting refugees from areas where terrorists operate openly does present some heightened risk to host nations. Stepping back for 90 days to review and update screening, especially with the current 300 investigations under way as a guide, does not seem an unreasonable response to those potential threats, especially if the improvements in the process allow us to rescue real refugees who need security and safety after the pause ends.

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