Loretta Lynch wants more marching, blood, and death on the streets

Loretta Lynch wants more marching, blood, and death on the streets
Image: YouTube screen grab (via Tgowdysc)

Obama’s old Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, just made a one minute video that talks about people marching, blood, and death on the streets. This video was listed as something that was supposed to inspire people to fight. It sounds like she’s initiating a bloody civil war between the right and the left. Is this what the democrat party has become?

The left has become the party who fights everything that doesn’t go their way. They’ve lost their ability to compromise or accept defeat. When Obama was elected, TWICE, no one really cared or fought about it. People complained, but they didn’t turn into violent maniacs roving the street looking for “Obama supporters” to beat up.

If Loretta Lynch is suggesting that people march and physically fight, then she’s lost her mind. She should have stayed on the airplane with Bill Clinton and took a one way trip to somewhere nice. Use that big paycheck to go on a permanent vacation and stop suggesting that people march themselves into a bloody mess. This is an irresponsible democrat sounding crazy.

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