Mexico deliberately dumps millions of gallons of sewage on San Diego’s beaches

Mexico deliberately dumps millions of gallons of sewage on San Diego’s beaches
Sewage from Mexico. Cheap jokes will be automatically rejected. (Image: Screen grab of Union-Tribune video)

[Ed. – This will do considerable environmental damage.  Yet there are people who will rush to justify Mexico for behaving very irresponsibly because Donald Trump has sometimes spoken intemperately.  What kind of moral code does that suggest on the part of the excuse-makers?  Is Mexico a respectable, grown-up nation, or not?  One need not defend Trump to point out that, once again, he has — by being himself — exposed what the other actors really are.] 

After decades of [the U.S.] being a good neighbor and spending more than half a billion dollars to build Tijuana’s sewage treatment plants, Mexico has repaid the favor by intentionally unleashing 143 million gallons of stench-filled sewage onto San Diego’s beaches over 17 days in February.  It’s the biggest spill in two decades, the San Diego Union Tribune reported.  San Diego officials say it was done without warning, was deliberately done, and still has garnered no response from Mexican officials who won’t even take U.S. phone calls.

Supposedly, the idea was to save millions in pumping costs by shipping it to the gringos up north.  But it makes one wonder if it might just be sewage warfare, given Mexico’s fury at President Trump’s proposed border wall and Tijuana’s bizarre silence.  The mayor of nearby Imperial Beach calls it “the tsunami of sewage spills.”  KGTV reported that a binational investigation was announced Thursday.

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