Democrats just can’t give up identity politics

Democrats just can’t give up identity politics
Klan members present at last night's address the president (Image: YouTube screen grab via CNN)

Imagine you’re a Democrat. Now imagine waking up on November 9, 2016 to the realization that your god is dead. The central idea animating your political party—nay, your entire sense of purpose and justice in the world—has betrayed you as a fraud. The thing you championed and nurtured and fertilized with a care better spent on hothouse tomatoes, rotted and then splattered as it was tossed in your face.

What is that Leftist “god”? It is identity politics.

Do you bury him or do you redouble the insane hope that believing harder will resurrect him? On Tuesday night, the Democrats answered that question.

…The House Democratic Women’s Working Group, evoking the memory of their recently defeated presidential candidate as she appeared this summer in her “historic” speech before the Democratic National Committee, showed up dressed in white as … angry feminists…. Lest we get any crazy ideas about solidarity between all Democratic women, however, the black flower caucus was there to remind us that some of these women are not only female, they are black. Otherwise we might have failed to notice. They’re angry, too, by the way. So unity!

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