What if Trump had lost? The original ending to my book

What if Trump had lost? The original ending to my book
Image: Wikimedia Commons

On Monday, the print edition of How Trump Won: The Inside Story of a Revolution is being released (at Amazon,Barnes and Noble, and other outlets).

My co-author, historian Larry Schweikart, believed early on that Trump would win. But although I believed Trump could win, I did not think he would. And when I originally conceived the idea for the book, I prepared a conclusion in the event he lost.

The following is an excerpt of that original conclusion — a view of a fate narrowly avoided.


It is important to put a Trump loss in its proper perspective.

The 2016 presidential election was always Hillary Clinton’s to lose. She was certain to be the Democratic Party’s nominee (though the party hierarchy had to rig the primary to ensure the result). As such, she was going to be the first woman with a real chance at being elected. That opportunity to be part of history had drawn many voters to Barack Obama, and it would be a near-insurmountable argument for her also.

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