Report: House GOP to vote on Obamacare repeal in 3 weeks

Report: House GOP to vote on Obamacare repeal in 3 weeks
Wanted. (Image via ThinkProgress)

See now why Rand Paul was trying yesterday to slow this process down, even if it required a silly stunt to do so? A year ago, fiscal conservatives in Congress would have had no difficulty stoking suspicions among the base that Ryan’s plan to fix ObamaCare involved a whole new entitlement program in the guise of “reform.” A year later, with Trump seemingly behind the Ryan plan, all of that grassroots leverage is gone. To mobilize any significant chunk of the right against a Trump/Ryan proposal, Paul and his allies need time.

And soon time will be up.

At a closed-door meeting with Republicans on Thursday, Speaker Paul Ryan said he plans for the House to hold a vote on the leadership’s Obamacare alternative in three weeks, sources in the room told POLITICO. The White House and the Senate support the House GOP leadership’s effort, Ryan added — comments many in the room took as a warning for the far right to get in line…

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