In the beginning, there were the Trumpers. (Trumpkins? I don’t know that we’ve settled on a neutral term yet, like “Reaganites.”)…. Charles Kesler is one of these people. Ditto Conrad Black.

Then there are the anti-Trumpers. My friend David Frum has been a persistent critic of Trump. His argument is that despite the areas of policy agreement between conservatives and Trump, Trump’s characterological problems present a larger peril. In short: What does it profit a conservative if he gains the Supreme Court, but loses the republic?


Which leads us to the anti-anti-Trumpers. There’s an emerging group of conservatives who seem reluctant to criticize Trump, but who aren’t particularly interested in defending him, directly. Instead, they tend to focus on the media reaction to Trump and the antics of the left. I think my friend Mollie Hemingway is a good example here.

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