How Trump eats steak reveals he is risk-averse, timid, and insecure

How Trump eats steak reveals he is risk-averse, timid, and insecure
The Big Texan 72-oz steak, Amarillo, Texas. (Image courtesy The Big Texan)

[Ed. – Most oblivious essay ever written about a political figure?  (As regards steak and how to eat it, it’s not obliviousness; it’s fascism.)  Emphasis in original.  Lest you gastronomically timorous steak-libertarians miss the point.]

The President of the United States insists that his steaks be cooked well-done. Unfortunately, that’s a big problem.

For almost every person in the world, it’s totally okay to prefer your steak cooked all the way through. It’s totally and completely fine. …

Adults who won’t eat pink-hearted steaks might lean on any number of reasons for their position, but almost always it comes down to an aversion to risk, which is at its core an unwillingness to trust the validity and goodwill of any experiences beyond the limited sphere of one’s own. It is — and we’re talking about steak here, so don’t get huffy — a confession of a certain timidity, a defensiveness, an insecurity. It’s not just a fear of change, it’s also a bone-deep fear that the way you’ve always done something — the way that, without outside intervention, you might continue always do it — will turn out not to have been the best way for you after all. The risk of that private humiliation can easily outweigh any benefit that could come from your new, better way. It means that when presented with a risk, you make the choice not to trust. …

[H]is other eating habits, even in the context of his reported germophobia, speak to a gastronomic risk aversion — a fundamental lack of trust — across the board. He prefers fast food, and rarely varies his order. His favorite dish at Mar-a-Lago is the meat loaf, and that’s not even some inspired chef’s creation, it’s the meat loaf of his childhood, his mother’s own recipe.

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