New Iranian movie portrays destruction of U.S. Navy ships

New Iranian movie portrays destruction of U.S. Navy ships

[Ed. – I guess those are supposed to be UH-60 Black Hawks at the beginning of the trailer.  I like how a bunch of ballistic missiles come salvo-ing out of silos for no apparent reason in the second half.  Production values: E for Effort.]

Battle of Persian Gulf II, directed by Farhad Azima, has opened in the city of  Mashhad and will expand to other cities in the coming weeks. Azima told the AP that producers crowdfunded $250,000 for the movie, which was four years in the making, and received no government support.

The plot begins with the United States destroying an Iranian nuclear reactor, sparking a confrontation in the Persian Gulf. In a climactic confrontation, one Iranian vessel faces off against more than a dozen American warships. When told to surrender or die by an American commander, the captain of the Iranian ship, who closely resembles Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Qods Force commander Gen. Qassem Soleimani, responds, “General, I am not a diplomat, I am a revolutionary!” He then warns that any American serviceman involved in the attack “should order their coffins,” adding, “when you enter Hell, tell them Qassem sent you.” His crew then destroys the American fleet.

Azima claims that the movie is a response to American movies and video games that portray Iranians negatively. “We are saying that if you fire one bullet against Iran, a rain of hot lead will be poured on your forces,” he told the AP.

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