Dems haven’t flipped a single seat in post-Trump special elections

Dems haven’t flipped a single seat in post-Trump special elections
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[Ed. – As Guy Benson notes, Democratic Party folks are trying to spin their wins as a big deal, but the only things they’ve won are seats that were previously held by Democrats anyway.  No challenged Republican has been at risk, in spite of a spending surge by Democratic PACs.]

In the middle of President Trump’s well-received address on Tuesday, a liberal writer and commentator excitedly tweeted out some breaking special election results out of Connecticut, racking up thousands of retweets. The Left, which has been methodically stripped of power by voters since 2008, is casting about for evidence that their feverish “resistance” is tipping the political pendulum back in the other direction. …

The two Democratic victories came in heavily Democratic districts, within a comfortably blue state. And that supposed ‘close call’? The Republican ended up winning by 12 points “in a race that Democratic activists worked with some success to nationalize as a referendum on Trump,” according to the local press. …

Here are the relevant state-by-state results. Pay attention to the details:

National Democrats first set their sights on two early January special elections in Virginia, a state won by the Democrat in the last three presidential elections. In House District 85, where the 2016 presidential results were evenly split, national liberal groups coordinated 11,392 donations of $100 or less into the Democrat campaign, yet Republican Rocky Holcomb won by a comfortable six points to maintain a strong 66-34 majority as we approach their 2017 election cycle. With chamber control at stake, the same results have occurred in the Virginia state Senate…

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