Keith Ellison supporters blame the Jews for his defeat

Keith Ellison supporters blame the Jews for his defeat

When in doubt… blame the Jews.

That’s the approach that Keith Ellison’s old gang in the Nation of Islam took. It’s the approach that his new prog buddies are taking.

There’s the reality

1. Obama’s people worked hard to swing votes from the DNC candidates that didn’t make it to his guy, Tom Perez. It’s why Keith Ellison didn’t pick up their votes and Perez did.

And there’s the easy scapegoat… the Jews.

2. Blame the Jews

That’s the theme of assorted smears on prog sites like Vox. While Keith Ellison’s long history of anti-Semitism was no doubt a factor, his ascension in the party made it very clear that the Democrats aren’t troubled by a candidate with a history of anti-Semitism.

But blaming Obama is dangerous. Addressing the power struggle between Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama would be too potentially explosive.

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