Five things to watch for in Trump’s address to Congress

Five things to watch for in Trump’s address to Congress
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Will Trump stay dark or go light?

The president’s first major address to the American people offered a grim view of the country he was elected to lead.

At his inauguration, Trump painted a picture of a nation in decline, marked by “American carnage” such as “rusted-out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape” and marauding criminal gangs plaguing major cities.

Stephen Miller, the influential White House aide who wrote that speech, has been tasked with authoring this one, too.

But White House officials say the address to Congress will present “an optimistic vision” aimed at how his administration will help Americans of all races, parties and economic status.


Will there be specifics?

After spending his first month handing down a flurry of executive orders, Trump looks ready to get down to business with Congress.

Trump is not a policy wonk, and the White House says he’ll reaffirm his desire to work on broad goals such as tax reform and repealing and replacing ­ObamaCare .

But Trump will eventually need to take a side in specific policy debates if he wants to get his agenda passed.

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