Polar bear population has grown 27% since 2005

Polar bear population has grown 27% since 2005
Not as stranded as previously indicated.

[Ed. – Conveniently, the “climate change” narrative is shifting now, from “Climate change is killing the polar bears” to “Climate change is driving them to annoy humans.”]

Conservationists worldwide have cause to celebrate on International Polar Bear Day as the global population of this “endangered” animal is surging.

On International Polar Bear Day 2017, the world’s polar bear population is up 27% from 2005 – despite some environmentalists’ fears of global warming. …

Conservationists continue to warn of the polar bear’s doom because their claims are based on “unverifiable predictions,” not proof, ClimateDepot.com Publisher Marc Morano tells CNSNews.com…

What’s more, the global growth of the polar bear population is even greater than initially thought, Polar Bear Expert Dr. Susan J. Crockford writes…

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