Why I’m breaking up with Bill Kristol

Why I’m breaking up with Bill Kristol

[Ed. – It would help if people recognized that all these break-ups are about the comfort of political convention being alarmed at the starkness of political reality.  The break-ups are not really about “Trump” at all.  Trump is just the catalyst for exposing a very profound divide: between people who can handle the truth, and people who can’t.]

For several years, I followed Kristol closely. …

When I joined Twitter about two years ago, his was one of the first accounts I followed.

But it was not the same Bill Kristol. I, like Kristol, did not support Donald Trump in the primary. I never thought he would win the primary. But he did, and after considering my options, I decided I would vote for Trump.

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As the presidential campaign heated up, Kristol’s rants against Trump became more intolerable and his judgement more skewed. He weirdly promoted the candidacy of Evan McMullin, a political lightweight with a thin resume, grating style, and massive ego. Kristol completely flipped out on MSNBC a few weeks before the election, calling Trump a “failed, fluke candidate” who should be ignored on election night because he would lose. He fought with MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, who accused Kristol of being bitter and “practically crying” about Trump’s candidacy. …

Sadly, this brilliant man has become a bit unhinged. His Twitter timeline now is fuel for the deranged anti-Trump tribe.

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