Horror stalks HuffPo contributor when she discovers she’s part white

Horror stalks HuffPo contributor when she discovers she’s part white
Racially "disorient." (Image via Federalist Papers Project)

[Ed. – It’s incredible how deeply propagandized and frantic these poor kids are about race.  They have no idea how much MORE psychotic they sound about it than self-anointed “racialists.”]

Huffington Post contributor Chistine Michel Carter decided to track down her genetic history via 23andMe, and the results were anything but what she expected.

You see, her whole life, Carter had been told that she was Black and Native American, so when she found out that  her Native American heritage negligible, she was pretty confused. Further complicating matters was the fact that the DNA test also told her that she was 31.5% European, which Carter said made her feel “shame” and “disorient.”

“Of all the emotions which materialized from the results, the two strongest were disorient and shame. I thought the results would simply confirm what I was told by my family; instead they discredited their allegations,” she wrote. …

While talking to another family member who has a similar percentage of European heritage, Carter discovered where exactly all of that whiteness came from.

“In [my grandfather’s] research he discovered the Lumbee tribe was allegedly a mixture of indentured Whites and freed or escaped slaves (Blacks),” Carter notes. “They are not recognized by the traditional American Indian tribes, nor by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.”

Carter felt as though her identity had been a lie, given that she markets herself as a black millennial in her field.

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