New and hot: Doomsday fortresses being built in Kansas

New and hot: Doomsday fortresses being built in Kansas
There goes the neighborhood. One of the doomsday-condo complex's (very few) closest neighbors. (Image: Google Street View)

[Ed. – Guess Ector, Texas is old and busted.  It’s all former missile silos in rural Kansas now, baby.]

Larry Hall, project manager and owner of the Luxury Survival Condo Project, says he feels safer with the doors closed.

He says he’s sold all 12 luxury condos in the former Atlas missile silo — which once housed a nuclear warhead — not far from Concordia, about two hours north of Wichita. He’s working on a second silo.

A full-floor unit is 1,820 square feet and costs $3 million. A half-floor unit, at 900 square feet, costs $1.5 million.

Survival is a unifying cause. Hall said his owners come from a variety of political beliefs and include people in international business, architecture, law and medicine. He said the owners don’t do interviews; efforts to reach them were unsuccessful. …

There are about haf a dozen old Atlas missile silos in Kansas This one corresponds to Burgess's description. (Google map; author annotation)
There are about half a dozen old Atlas missile silos in Kansas This one corresponds to Burgess’s description. (Google map; author annotation)

“If you’re designed to withstand a nuclear explosion, you already get a lot of the other threats you can keep out,” Hall said. “You get protection from things like meteors, comets, tornadoes, hurricanes, solar flares, civil unrest, global climate change, earthquakes, tsunamis.”

Hall, who lives in Denver, has a background in technology, communication systems and database design. …

The silo descends 15 floors underground. The 14th floor, which contains a movie theater and a bar and lounge, is 190 feet underground.

The depth is not the only security measure.

The facility has a volcanic ash scrubber, nuclear biological and chemical air filtration and five sources of power ranging from a wind turbine to generators, Hall said.

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