Democrats attack Trump for enforcing their own immigration law

Democrats attack Trump for enforcing their own immigration law
Homeland Security Secretary Jack Kelly. (Image: Screen grab of CSPAN video via CNSNews)

The deportation rules announced this week by Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly were greeted with the expected outrage from the usual suspects. But since when is enforcing the law a crime?

In this case, the law that Kelly plans to enforce is the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act, which was approved by 52 Democrats in the Senate and 202 Democrats in the House in a Democrat-controlled Congress and was signed into law by President Johnson, a Democrat.

That hasn’t stopped today’s Democrats from decrying the DHS memo as obscene and horribly un-American.

New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez says the policies described in Kelly’s memo are “xenophobic.” Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called it a “mass deportation plan … to round up and quickly deport anyone who is undocumented.” He said Democrats would oppose it and “continue fighting for what is right.”

News accounts, meanwhile, said the DHS memos were creating fear and panic among immigrant communities.

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